Movie Fashion Icon of the Week: Matthew Goode – Stoker

Stoker, a new movie releases this week has generated a lot of buzz. I begin Movie Fashion Icon of the week, so I could show you inspirations from the movie and premiere outfits.

This week sees British actor and star of the creepy Stoker, Matthew Goode. He plays a slick serial killer type named ‘Uncle Charlie’. Here are a few styles which are very classic and always trendy.

This still from the movie (below).
This style pairs a contrast of a rust coloured sweater with a pair of cream coloured chinos and a cream shirt. This very retro look is emphasised by the amazing brown sunglasses, which is a very big trend this spring.

20130303-012235 PM.jpg

A very casual, yet preppy look which always looks good. A pair of dark blue jeans is the best look with the black sweater. Wearing smart shoes or brogues will also create a sophisticated look.

20130303-012842 PM.jpg

Here (below) is Matthew at the premiere in London for Stoker. Where he slicks back his hair and dons a dark grey/navy suit. The use of the maroon stained tie looks really interesting, giving it a special flair.

20130303-025529 PM.jpg

Like this Slick Stoker Style by Matthew Goode? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

3 comments on “Movie Fashion Icon of the Week: Matthew Goode – Stoker

  1. Antoine says:

    Do you know the brand of these sunglasses ? They’re not Rayban…

    • suitandtied says:

      Hi, I searched a lot for the make of these sunglasses. It is unknown of the make, although they do look like Ray-Bans. The costume designers of Stoker was Kurt & Bart so you could find out through them? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ouassiim says:

        I think Matthew Goode is wearing Shuron Ronsir sunglasses.
        Can’t get a confirmation but I’m pretty sure those are Shuron’s.

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