Oscar Night: The Best Fashions


Not only is the prestigious movie awards in a few hours, so I thought we could look at some of the best dressed actors and actresses of the past few years!

Jennifer Lawrence: A nominee tonight and a favourite to win at her first Oscars in 2011, where she dressed sexy and simplistic, looking effortlessly beautiful. Looking forward to what she will wear today?


Hugh Jackman: The always smartly-dressed Hugh hosted the Oscars in 2009. Hugh never fails to impress on the style stakes. He is a first-time Oscar nominee for best actor, so let us see what he wears this special day!


Jessica Chastain: Another female who is also battling favourite Jennifer Lawrence for best actress. She was nominated for the first time last year for best supporting actress in The Help. This actress never fails to stun fans and critics alike with her beautiful dresses and her trademark red locks.


Tom Ford: He is a well-known designer, yet he was nominated for best director for his directorial debut ‘A Single Man’. He has brilliant suits which many celebrities wear, and he always dresses perfectly.


Rooney Mara: She earned herself a nomination for her portrayal as androgynous ‘Lisbeth Salander’ in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. Her first Oscars allowed her to dress angelic, yet her editorial figure and look create an egdy style and a unique take on a simple white dress.


Many More Oscar styles to come soon, especially after tonight’s red carpet!!!

Young Hollywood: Ladies

Young Hollywood: Ladies

Hollywood has recently been invaded by new hot fresh females. These actresses will be the next big superstars. Their fashion decisions are just one of the factors why these women are becoming icons in the industry.

1) Emma Stone – 24 years old

Emma Stone not only has natural comedic talent, this brilliant fresh young actress has become the face of cosmetic line, Revlon. The dress she wears (below) a stunning Red Lanvin dress at the Gangster Squad premiere.
Emma has also starred in movies such as Amazing Spider-Man, The Help and Easy A. Look out for this fashionable stunner in the Spider-Man sequel.

Signature Trademark: Amazing Deep voice and brilliant comedienne.

20130222-073814 PM.jpg

2) Emma Watson – 22 years old

Emma Watson may be a childhood star since her amazing success of Harry Potter as Hermione Granger. Now Emma has taken Hollywood by storm by starring in popular indie ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’. That got her the Peoples Choice award for her role in the indie hit. Here she is wearing a Peter Pilotto origami dress which is very unique. (Below)

20130222-074952 PM.jpg

Signature Trademark: English beauty and her breakthrough in the USA.

3) Allison Williams – 24 years old

This beautiful actress recently broke out on HBO’s successful ‘Girls’, as the sophisticated Marnie. She has become a fashion icon and her dress by KaufmanFranco at the Grammys. I expect big success for this beauty.

20130222-075931 PM.jpg

Signature Trademark: famous anchorman father and her brilliant acting in Girls.

Like these ladies? Who’s your favourite. More will be updated

Who will win: Oscar Actress Race

Who Will Win: Oscar Actress Race

I want the women to enjoy this fashion blog also, so since Oscar day arrives on Sunday, I thought I’d go through best actress nominees, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain’s red carpet looks! These two actresses are my favourites and they’re the most beautiful women in Hollywood at the moment!

So firstly the BAFTA styles of these two Oscar Best Actress favourites.

Jennifer Lawrence (below), the star of Silver Linings Playbook, Hunger Games and X-Men: First Class, wears a flowy white gown by Dior. This dress suited the wintery conditions of the evening and her slick-backed hairstyle makes it very editorial and displays a sexier look for the evening. This is a departure from the teen idol we see in The Hunger Games and shows a grown up look for the 22 year old.

20130220-034339 PM.jpg

Whilst other Oscar favourite and star of Zero Dark Thirty, The Help and Mama, Jessica Chastain (pictured below), wears a stunning royal blue Roland Mouret gown at the BAFTA. The contrast of her fiery red hair looks really powerful and sexy against the blue. Her flowing red hair reminds me of a classic Hollywood star from the 1940s. Very graceful, whilst Jennifer Lawrence is very modern and slick.

20130220-034940 PM.jpg

The Oscars Luncheon 2013, also displayed the Oscar favourites in a casual daytime dress.

Firstly Jennifer Lawrence kept it young and playful wearing a simple white Chloe dress. Her bronzed fake tan makes her seem younger and gives her a sun kissed look, she seems to be enjoying having fun in this outfit. Her brown hair really gives her a cool Californian look.(Below)

20130220-035518 PM.jpg

Whilst fiery red-head Jessica Chastain kept it very English inspired with a floral Erdem frock, (below) which reminds us of a tea party dress. The darker dresses really compliment her pale alabaster complexion and it works well together.

20130220-035909 PM.jpg

So these are the recent looks worn by the two Oscar favourites, even if both of them don’t win the coveted award, they will be known as true fashion icons and have great careers.

Which actress should win the Oscar on Sunday? Who looks better? Which style is better? Who will turn up with the better outfit on Sunday? Let us know!

Best Suits

Best Suits at Grammys and BAFTAs 2013

As awards season has been with us all for a while now. Yesterday featured two award shows, the BAFTAs and the Grammys. This allowed many a-listers to feature their fashion sense and I have found a few actors who represent different styles and the best new suits.

1) Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford

20130211-060341 PM.jpg

This suit had to be my favourite of the Grammy awards, many wore white suits in the evening, but JT made the best possible decision in sticking to classy black, yet he updated the classic style with a silk-suit jacket and paired it with hints of white in his breastpocket and his shoes made for a cool outfit. Perfect for his comeback!

2) Eddie Redmayne in Burberry

20130211-060907 PM.jpg

Eddie Redmayne is the best actor when it comes to smart styling and suits! I have been obsessed in the Burberry suits he has previously worn. This royal blue colour really stood out in London last night at the BAFTAs. Burberry is really rebooting their once-tarnished reputation with the cream prints, now they’re my favourite designer of the moment. The idea of having textured suits and blazers are becoming trendy, so be sure to look out for them. A now tie also enhances the look, creating a preppy or more formal look.

3) Henry Cavill in Tom Ford

20130211-061301 PM.jpg

This suit worn by the Man of Steel himself last night at the BAFTAs is surely to be popular by most males. It is a perfect choice especially for a very built man. Tom Ford is another designer who does very good suits. The classic black is very simple, classic and masculine. I preferably think this suit attracts older men from ages of 25+, but doesn’t restrict younger men wearing it. It’s a great suit overall.

4) Trey Songz in Moschino

20130211-062507 PM.jpg

Trey wore this at the Grammy awards last night. This suit up close is really different as it has an embroidered style jacket. It’s nice to see a modern take on a usual simple style suit. It would probably appreciated in person rather than on camera due to the intricate detailing. Nevertheless, this Moschino suit is a perfect and sophisticated choice for the rising star.

Many actors suits (as well as the ladies) were looking amazing last night on both sides of the pond. I personally loved All the suits displayed above as they are very unique and modern takes on traditional mens fashion. I’ll keep you updated on more best dressed suits at any award season or premiere! thanks. Leave me some comments and feedback. What do you think about these styles? Which one would you wear? Who looked the best? Best suit? Let me know!