My Current Obsession: Burberry Prorsum


I will always keep you updated on my current fashion obsessions, whether it is the latest trend to hit the catwalk, or if I believe it is very unique and cool. My current obsession is Burberry Prorsum’s line of metallic mens clothing. Most importantly (the above image), which is just one of the variety of metallic shirts Burberry have to offer. You may have seen David Beckham’s son model the kiddie version, but this version is the ultimate luxury item. This is especially for the guy who likes to treat himself now and again, and at a heavy pocketful of ‘£350.00’, it does not suit the taste for a student, yet I bet you should all keep a look out for a high-street copy, which I believe will be in stores some time this year.

This shirt could be worn as above, with a sophisticated suit or blazer and would be a perfect item when going to a special occasion or if you want to have all eyes on you. I prefer it with a blazer or suit jacket, so it is not too overwhelming as this piece is very daring, but suitable for the fashionable Gentleman.

This is just the beginning of my current fashion obsession, but I cannot get over this look. So edgy and editorial, yet very suave and laid-back. PERFECT!


Fashion Quote 1…

Fashion Quote 1
“A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and forgotten all about them” – Hardy Amies

TIP: When wearing statement clothing, behave as if you’re wearing something casual, that’s when they all want to know more about you…keep it interesting