Brief obsession – Burberry Prorsum Glasses

Obsessed in Burberry!

This is a very small brief post on an item of fashion which stood out to me when exploring images of London Mens Collection – this time Burberry S/S14.

(Below) is the really eye-catching Burberry glasses for summer! I’m obsessed in these and they are such a statement piece! What do you think of them?

They are called ‘New Wave dot sunglasses’ – they are sure to be inspired by future high street collections!


What do you think of this new wave sunglasses? Let me know! Love or hate?

Images that inspire

Menswear Images to Inspire…

A post of what styles inspire me. I like looking and feeling smart, sophisticated, yet I also love a statement piece, getting people to react in any way possible. Go ahead. Look. Be inspired…

20130214-095652 PM.jpg

20130214-095717 PM.jpg

20130214-100201 PM.jpg

20130214-100212 PM.jpg

20130214-100218 PM.jpg

20130214-100224 PM.jpg

20130214-100230 PM.jpg

20130214-100236 PM.jpg

20130214-100242 PM.jpg

20130214-100247 PM.jpg

Which styles do you love? Tell me what you think about these looks. A majority of these images are Burberry Prorsum. Also included are Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen.

It’s All About Mint…


I think pastel colours are very in at the moment, colours which are soft and pleasant. Mint is my favourite colour to wear this winter/spring time. This colour was popular last autumn, but it’s holding on as a current trend this year. Above is the Acne sweater in Mint, which is absolutely beautiful. Although this jumper is again, very expensive at the price is around £300.

20130212-013717 PM.jpg

Fashion Icon, Kanye West was seen wearing the amazing Acne Jumper last year. Although he opted to pair it with light denim and a denim jacket. As well as this style, the designers at Acne created a preppy look, which I love. Paired with a light brown combination. It really compliments both colours and really attracts attention in a positive way. Look below to see which one you prefer. Kanye or Acne’s?

20130212-014844 PM.jpg

Well, thankfully I’ve done my research to find out where Mint is currently being sold for menswear in the high street. As mature as it sounds, M&S (Marks & Spencer) sell a stunning cashmere-like Mint green sweater which I purchased for £20. A total bargain! As M&S is targeted toward an older man, it’s not too bad when you find some golden gems of fashion within their clothing. The sweater was for sure! Look below to see my sweater.

20130212-014347 PM.jpg

I paired my Mint sweater with a white shirt and black collar tips, in aim for the preppy look. See how good it goes together.

20130212-015926 PM.jpg

I think if you’re trying to create a fashionable look, which is very clean and sophisticated, look at how Acne and myself styled the outfit. For a casual, dressed down look, you should look at Kanye West’s cool style. If you want more advice on colour combinations or anything related to current trends or Mint.
I’d appreciate some comments or feedback. Respect!