Outfit Of The Day: Snow Spring Style

Outfit Of The Day: Snow Spring Style

Hey, I have just started my personal section of my blog, and this section is all about my personal style, how I put items together, and some inspirational images!

As you can see, today was a very cold day in the UK and I decided to create classic black-and-white style with my sophisticated outfit! It really reminded me of a winter wonderland today!

20130322-090505 PM.jpg

20130322-090539 PM.jpg

In these two shots of myself on my first photoshoot in freezing conditions, I wore:
– a Comfortable black and white cotton blazer from ZARA MAN. (£70)
– a long-lasting, wind-blowing H&M Scarf (£12)
– Skinny fit Black jeans from TOPMAN(£38)
– T-shirt from ‘Taxonomy’ by TOPMAN (£28)
– Sunglasses from JOY (£5)
– Hybrid brogue/hightops from ZARA MAN (£100)

Hairstyle was inspired by Justin Timberlake. Look at his new video ‘Mirrors and Suit&Tie’

Also check out my Suit&Tied Instagram page! @suitandtied – feedback is always welcome!

Updated: Effortless Quiffs

Updated: Effortless Quiffs

I just recently got a haircut which I felt was perfect for this seasons upcoming spring hairstyle. This style is very much recommended to all males as it suits all ages. Previously I displayed a few images of what hairstyles are popular. Now, I’ll show you images of my hairstyle which is most surely my best hairstyle in a while!

(Below) is the Spring 2013 Effortless Quiff.

20130312-101045 PM.jpg

20130312-101101 PM.jpg

20130312-101139 PM.jpg

I really love this hairstyle and it is similarly reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s recent ‘Suit&Tie’ hairstyle.

But I actually was inspired by this image, which I have previously shown. (Below)

20130312-101331 PM.jpg

This picture also inspired me to get highlights. I don’t like the idea of going for drastic changes, so I opted for a soft light brown scattered on the top of the head, whilst also encouraged to create a stand-out look by including light blonde highlights, which are very subtle, to avoid looking like Rogue in X-Men.

I think spring (hopefully) will be a positive bright season and you’ll be able to soak up some sun and show off some effortless Quiffs. Attempt to keep the top long, whilst trimming the sides short. Please make sure in order to achieve this hairstyle, do not create a short back of the hair, as it could come across as very bold and could be regrettable. Opt for a relaxed look. Blow drying after a shower, with slight product used to create a luxury texture will work wonders!

Thanks, let me know about your hair queries!

Oz: The Great & Powerful Style

As Wizard of Oz prequel, ‘Oz: The Great & Powerful’ releases this week, I have noticed Oz inspired fashion online and a trend which is sure to be popular in the next coming months!

20130306-102940 PM.jpg

James Franco stars as the eponymous Oz, but I have spotted the suits and clothing inspired by Oz.

Let us enter the Emerald City…

Famous fashion blogger Adam Gallagher is my fashion icon! He has created the perfect outfit pairing an emerald blazer and trousers with wooden brogues and a tweed/brown waistcoat!

20130306-103422 PM.jpg

20130306-103437 PM.jpg

20130306-103510 PM.jpg

The Yellow laces give an homage to the yellow brick road and keep the outfit interesting and thought about carefully through the details.

20130306-103620 PM.jpg

You can find a majority of these styles on the current high street such as Topman and River Island. Check your local stores for a whimsical wardrobe change!

Movie Fashion Icon of the Week: Matthew Goode – Stoker

Stoker, a new movie releases this week has generated a lot of buzz. I begin Movie Fashion Icon of the week, so I could show you inspirations from the movie and premiere outfits.

This week sees British actor and star of the creepy Stoker, Matthew Goode. He plays a slick serial killer type named ‘Uncle Charlie’. Here are a few styles which are very classic and always trendy.

This still from the movie (below).
This style pairs a contrast of a rust coloured sweater with a pair of cream coloured chinos and a cream shirt. This very retro look is emphasised by the amazing brown sunglasses, which is a very big trend this spring.

20130303-012235 PM.jpg

A very casual, yet preppy look which always looks good. A pair of dark blue jeans is the best look with the black sweater. Wearing smart shoes or brogues will also create a sophisticated look.

20130303-012842 PM.jpg

Here (below) is Matthew at the premiere in London for Stoker. Where he slicks back his hair and dons a dark grey/navy suit. The use of the maroon stained tie looks really interesting, giving it a special flair.

20130303-025529 PM.jpg

Like this Slick Stoker Style by Matthew Goode? Let me know 🙂

Blazer Fashion

Blazer Fashion

No matter what the weather, Blazers are always in trend. The best thing about Blazers is that you can buy many different fabric blazers to suit any weather conditions. Another thing which is great, is that Blazers will instantly give a preppy/smart look to any casual or formal outfit.

A recent Blazer I have purchased is from Zara Man. This gorgeous Blazer is perfect for this cold weather as its made from a two cotton blend of white and black fabric, Blazer (pictured below), cost a reasonable £59.99 and is very comforting and warm. Overall, a perfect piece to accompany a trip out on the town, a pair of black jeans, coloured brogues and a cotton shirt would be ideal.

20130221-044819 PM.jpg

20130221-044836 PM.jpg

Another blazer which I also own is from high end store ‘Reiss’ which was on sale from £250 to £120. I literally picked up the last one at my local store. This luxurious emerald velvet blazer is so stunning and rich in colour. It is made for a cocktail hour or an occasion out, a ball/prom or wedding. I have been saving this blazer for the right occasion, which I would probably stick to the classic black trousers and a white shirt. (Pictured below)

20130221-045720 PM.jpg

20130221-045738 PM.jpg

Another Blazer from Topman is a very classic casual style. This Harris Tweed Blazer works really well with a casual look, a pair of blue jeans and a blue shirt. I pair this with brown or dark purple skinny trousers and a pair of brown brogues.

20130221-050111 PM.jpg

Blazers are very on trend and I recommend all men to own at least one Blazer. No matter what occasion, a Blazer will help you look and feel smart & confident! Let me know what you think about these blazers!

Andrew Garfield: Spidey Fashion Sense

Andrew Garfield: Spidey Fashion Sense

The current Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield is a current inspiration for mens fashion at the moment. His casual look consists of a slim pair of black/blue skinny jeans, usually paired with converses/trainers or preppy brogues. Whilst he pairs the jeans with a pop of a colourful shirt, a graphic tee or a chunky coat.

Whilst on the red carpets, Andrew never fails to impress. My favourite look is the Balenciaga suit he wore at the French Premiere. (Below), Andrew pairs this Spider-Man red suit with a pale blue shirt, which also has a pop of red under the blue making it suit perfectly. The use of no tie makes it more relaxed and cooler, because a tie would make it too much. The maroon brogues complete this outfit to create a perfect look, off the runway.

20130217-020513 PM.jpg

This other outfit (below) is very casual yet has the star look to it, due to the statement shirt, which really pops!
Andrew has paired the light red with a slim pair of dark blue jeans, and a simple pair of plimsolls. This outfit is perfect for a day out in the sun! Pair it with a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go!

20130217-021018 PM.jpg

Another great way to create a smart/casual look is to look at Andrew’s next outfit. Here (below) he creates a preppy smart and chilled look in one. He pairs a smart navy blazer with a salmon pink shirt, creating a relaxed contrast between the colours. While he pairs it with a pair of blue skinny jeans and some edgy worn out converse, his personal style. This is a great way to dress down at work or even to wear on a night out. To sophisticate the outfit more, just pair the outfit with a nice pair of smarter shoes.

20130217-021536 PM.jpg

Overall, Andrew loves to keep it smart and sophisticated yet he looks cool in his casual gear. A great fashion role model in British fashion, and I think more British men will dress like him.

Like Andrew’s preppy yet casual look? Let me know! What’s your favourite outfit. Is he a style icon? Is he a good spider-man?

It’s All About Mint…


I think pastel colours are very in at the moment, colours which are soft and pleasant. Mint is my favourite colour to wear this winter/spring time. This colour was popular last autumn, but it’s holding on as a current trend this year. Above is the Acne sweater in Mint, which is absolutely beautiful. Although this jumper is again, very expensive at the price is around £300.

20130212-013717 PM.jpg

Fashion Icon, Kanye West was seen wearing the amazing Acne Jumper last year. Although he opted to pair it with light denim and a denim jacket. As well as this style, the designers at Acne created a preppy look, which I love. Paired with a light brown combination. It really compliments both colours and really attracts attention in a positive way. Look below to see which one you prefer. Kanye or Acne’s?

20130212-014844 PM.jpg

Well, thankfully I’ve done my research to find out where Mint is currently being sold for menswear in the high street. As mature as it sounds, M&S (Marks & Spencer) sell a stunning cashmere-like Mint green sweater which I purchased for £20. A total bargain! As M&S is targeted toward an older man, it’s not too bad when you find some golden gems of fashion within their clothing. The sweater was for sure! Look below to see my sweater.

20130212-014347 PM.jpg

I paired my Mint sweater with a white shirt and black collar tips, in aim for the preppy look. See how good it goes together.

20130212-015926 PM.jpg

I think if you’re trying to create a fashionable look, which is very clean and sophisticated, look at how Acne and myself styled the outfit. For a casual, dressed down look, you should look at Kanye West’s cool style. If you want more advice on colour combinations or anything related to current trends or Mint.
I’d appreciate some comments or feedback. Respect!

The Perfect Accessory

The Perfect Accessory is… The ‘Ted Baker’ Satchel!

20130210-012107 PM.jpg

20130210-012129 PM.jpg

In preparation of a trip to London, I wanted to find a bag which would be easy to carry for a few items. I searched everywhere for the perfect bag, yet I was unsuccessful. Then I wandered across the Ted Baker store in Leeds City Centre. When I saw that satchel, it was the only thing on my mind. I was so invested by the class and beauty of this bag, especially because it was just what I needed.

Once I saw the satchel, with it’s emerald green hue and high quality leather, I did not look at anything else. I understood that if I purchased this satchel, I’d have the perfect accessory to travel around the fashion capital with. At a pricey £195, it was an expensive buy, but I don’t buy much luxurious items all the time, so I thought I’d spoil myself!

When I saw the bag, I had an idea of what outfits to wear with it. The brand of Ted Baker could be seen as ‘Preppy’ which is a style I love to incorporate in my style. So I paired this amazing bag around London in a white shirt with a mint green sweater, grey slim fit trousers and grey brogues. Either a blazer for a ‘preppier’ look or a leather jacket creates a casual and edgier take on the style.

The bag can fit essentials in, where I kept my valuables, book, wallet, a cardigan and junk food. It’s very spacious and a fashion must-have for those who are fashion conscious. Satchels are a great style for those studying at college/university, where it can fit notebooks etc, or even for a trip around London.

It is also a conversation starter, where my friends really admired it. Just be careful to take care of the leather, as it could get a few scratches on it. So keep it close. Hope you guys like the bag as it also comes in a mustard yellow and blood red. High street stores will also have similar bags, so don’t fret about the price.

Let me know what you think about the bag, any details or info on the bag, ask me. Hope you leave a comment under this post and share through sites such as Twitter or Facebook underneath.

I’d also love some recommendations of what you guys would like to see or for me to report on. Any tips or dilemmas you’re going through fashion related? Let me know! Respect 🙂